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POV(Persistence of Vision) display using 8051 microcontroller

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment

We often hear the term ‘lack of resources’. When I was learning all this stuff, I was in very small town called Chandrapur in Maharashtra. There was hardly any show their where I could purchase my components. I came from middle class background and was not able to afford expensive components. I was fantasized by […]

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Wireless Image Transfer from PC to 128×64 GLCD

By vivek | | 0 Comment

This is another one of the exciting project I had done during my learning period. So, my task was simple . Take an image from computer and enable the user to select the image and send it to a 128×64 GLCD. Which will display monochrome image. It was bit tricky. But I solved it using […]

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