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Wireless Image Transfer from PC to 128×64 GLCD

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


In this project, I created a Wireless image transfer using a simple program in which sends image from GUI to 8051 microcontroller which displays the same on the 128×64 GLCD.

This is another one of the exciting project I had done during my learning period. So, my task was simple . Take an image from computer and enable the user to select the image and send it to a 128×64 GLCD. Which will display monochrome image. It was bit tricky. But I solved it using whatever I learned about transferring bits and bytes.


So I created an image processing algorithm, which will first convert the actual color image into monochrome image. That will only be represented in black and white. Since each pixel is now of only of 1 bit, I collectively converted the first 8 pixels horizontally into ascii value. and sent it using the CC2500 wireless module. On the receiver side, I converted the ascii back into binary bits and displayed it on the screen. The transfer speed was 9600 bits per second. It was fast enough to do it in real time. The only struggle was converting the image and resizing and again making it to send 8 bits at a time. I got the inverted data when I tried first time. But through some trial and error I got it to work. Here is the working video. Hope you like it.



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