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Why I decided to create my personal blog?

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


My name is Vivek Gupta a Computer Scientist by profession. I fell in love with programming in my 16s . I got background of hardware from self learning. When I was young , I was very curious about how things worked.


I would never study my regular curriculum. Would always fail in subjects and off course score low marks 🙂 (though I scored great later, but it was not out of ‘studying’ but rather ‘doing’). But as mentioned, the love for hardware and creating “cool things” was always there. I would disassemble and assemble my appliances at home. Including refrigerator, television, cooler, mixer grinder..and so on. There was not even a single thing at my home which I did not open. I loved toys not for the reason I loved to play with it but because I was always mesmerized by the components inside it. How beautifully they were placed and would synchronize with each other and beautifully work.

I would collect faulty or broken toys from my friends and cousins in family and would extract all the working parts and assemble to create something really crazy 🙂 . When I was in 5th class, I created “MR. India” watch. Sounds lame but yes 🙂 I did. It was just piece of band stuck together with aluminium silver foil and some duct tape. I put on RGB led along with a working digital watch. And there you go. It was so cool, that in my class I became the ‘cool guy’, only for some time though. And I never stopped doing that. I am still doing it. In fact that is my profession now 🙂 .

Why am I telling you this?

Well the reason I am telling you this is that our education system is not meant to produce innovators and inventors. Some will argue that a lot of really smartest people have came from the education itself. But, all those ‘smart people’ started to ‘think’. That means it was self realization that brought success to them. They learned from their own experiences, their own thoughts and not the school education which was stuffed down their throat. To be honest I hated every moment of going to school. The reason I am sharing my experiences here is because:

  1. I want to document all my work and experiences.
  2. I want to inspire my students whom I will teach in my free time. Though I am not successful, but I did flow against the system to be something else.

I am not a professional writer or blogger but I hope this helps some one out their out of motivation and maybe someone who wants to learn more. I will be also posting my works here.


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