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Sound of Colors

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


In this project, I created a simple android app to produce sound of colors. This app basically will produce a sound if you keep your finger on selected image.


So I always into image processing since I started doing mini projects. To be honest, I don’t like it much. But I love the output of it. I was very fortunate to be guided by one of the experts in the same field. He was at that time known for image processing. I will later work under him in Magicman Technologies. So I saw a documentary on discovery channel about a blind man and an innovator. The reason I chose to name is sound of colors was because, it was going to produce sound from the RGB value of colors and therefore ‘ sound of colors .’ This innovator designed a product for this blind man which had camera sensor on the glasses. There was a small earphone attached to it. So if a person goes in front of painting, through some image processing algorithm, the sound will be produced and you can hear it from the earphone. I had to do it.


I created and android app and tried to make the user interface look “elegant”. I like to stay detailed when it comes to user interface. So it was pretty simple. You just upload the picture in the app and then just click on the picture to produce the sound. It totally depends upon where you touch. The algorithm will convert your picture into sound. Below is the user interface of the application:


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