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POV(Persistence of Vision) display using 8051 microcontroller

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment

We often hear the term ‘lack of resources’. When I was learning all this stuff, I was in very small town called Chandrapur in Maharashtra. There was hardly any show their where I could purchase my components. I came from middle class background and was not able to afford expensive components. I was fantasized by the POV display, where you use just 8 led’s to display whole text. When it starts rotating on motor, it will produce an image or text or anything. Hobbyists are familiar with this popular DIY project. Only problem was that it required a high speed dc motor. Which was very costly. But before solving that problem, the least I could have done is made my circuit ready. So I sat and again made circuit on zero PCB.

Oh yes, and again I would sketch it before implementing, and once done I will take snapshot like above image 🙂 . It was fun turning ideas into reality. I became really good at it.

But again, so if I had not motor, how would I make it work? I went to my kitchen and pulled out the kitchen ventilator fan. Yes you heard it right – a ventilator fan 🙂 . and that to at night when everybody was sleeping, so that my Mom would not scold me. I put my circuit it and it worked like charm 😀 .

For me everything else faded. I just wanted to make it work and it worked. Here is the working video. Sorry for the bad quality, I didn’t had proper camera back then.


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