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My first proper End to End project

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


Before explaining the project let me tell you what “end to end” is. End to End projects are basically something which works seamless from hardware to software. There is a beautiful synchronization between the hardware and software. And the person who will make this project or “Proof Of Concept” is know as “end to end guy”. It may vary depending upon the field which you are working in.


So, my first project was a 7×5 LED matrix. I individually soldered each led and resistor on a pcb. It was painful and fun at the same time.

I connected it to an 8051 micro-controller and programmed it serially. Before doing, I will chalk out the concept my my good old diary. I still do it. I make a sketch of everything which I want to do and then execute it. Just like this:

I created a user interface in Matlab for controlling the LED. Here is the user interface:

And then programmed in such a way that, when the user will type text inside the text box, it will serially send it to my 8051 microcontroller. The microcontroller received the serial data and showed it on the lex matrix. Here is the video. The video quality is bad because I didn’t had a proper camera back then to record it.


That was my first end to end project. It was fun and watching it work was mesmerizing. I have done a lot of better projects after that. But I am sharing only those which I had documented unknowingly. Obviously I didn’t knew I will write blog about my work. Cheers!


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