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Accelerometer Controlled robot using 8051 microcontroller

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


In this project I created Accelerometer Controlled robot. I made a small fix to wear it on the hand and then I was controlling it with my hand motion.


I was always passionate about hardware and how they work. Robots were not new to me. I would always try to collect discrete components from broken toys and appliances and would try to create my own robot. One of the things which I learned is that the flexibility of controlling things without actually touching it. One of such memory of making the project was a motion controlled robot. I learned about various sensors while working in Magicman Technologies. It was really great experience.

My heart always went towards creating things from scratch. In electronics, you make temporary circuits on breadboard. And I loved doing it. I saw it as an art rather than technology. Beautifully stripped wires, lined up with LED and other components to make circuit work. It still excites me when I do it. I have also written a whole blog on 8051 microcontroller on breadboard(you can find it here  So, I started with breadboard with accelerometer and other components.

Breadboard Images

The circuit was made in such a way that, in whatever direction you tilt, the LED corresponding to it will glow. I used LM324 comparator IC to do that. It was powered by battery and again was fun to make. I made this circuit to test my accelerometer. Here is the working video of the same breadboard circuit.


Integration of Accelerometer Controlled robot

After that, I used an 8051 development board and connected accelerometer with it. And used a cc2500 wireless module with it. On the robot side, I used again, and 8051 hand made microcontroller board along with a motor driver, robot chasis, motor, wheel and again cc2500 wireless module. The movement I do on accelerometer will send signal to robot via wireless transceiver from 8051 and control the robot.

Video of Accelerometer Controlled robot


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