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IoT dust sensor with analytics

By vivek | July 7, 2017 | 0 Comment


In this project, I create IoT dust sensor particulate matter device which can detect the PM level in air. It is basically to measure the quality of the air around you.


This is a small PoC which I did for a client in Hyderabad. Name not disclosing for permission reasons. But he was one of the smartest people I had met. He was an example who made one of the popular channel out of nothing. I learned a lot from him in the process. The project didn’t launch for some reason but he was very humble enough to give me permission and open source everything. So, the task was to take a dust sensor, connect it to cloud using arduino and esp8266 and display the analytics of the same. I had built everything from scratch. From PCB designing to transferring, coding etc was totally done by me. I designed the end to end product taking in consideration with the cost factor of the same. We were going to show some analytics of the same in the dashboard panel. It was really worth while experience. I traveled down to Hyderabad, met him and he even gave a trade mark coffee mug which I still have as a prized possession. Here are the images of the same.


And here is the working video:



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